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APP NAMEWhatsApp Plus
Size54 MB
CategoryWhatsapp MODs
  • You should know that this is not the official version, so there might be issues related to data leakage and security
  • Hide your last seen
  • Remove forwarded tag
  • Send large files
  • Late updates
  • and Not available on the google play store because of some legal issues.

Whatsapp Plus is similar to whatsapp but with advanced features. We know that whatsapp has become an internal part of our lives as it is now a platform to connect with others. It has also been given the status of communicating professionally.

But in simple whatsapp, there are some features that some user wants to change according to their interest. After seeing this, the developer Rafale changed the essential operation, added some parts, and gave it the name Whatsapp Plus.

Whatsapp plus apk Download

This version of whatsapp is like the original one. It was introduced in the market in 2012, and since then, it has benefited billions of people. You will find every function of official whatsapp.

The chats are end-to-end encrypted, and other modified features like hiding online status, multiple themes, more emojis, auto-reply, cleaner, advanced file sharing options, and many others. All these features have made the use of whatsapp much easier.

With all original functionality and modified features, you can download whatsapp plus from our website APKINU. You will get the latest/updated version of whatsapp plus by clicking on the download button. The newest version has improved features after the user’s suggestions.

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Features of Whatsapp Plus

The features of whatsapp are related to the original version, but the additional features make this application more appealing. So let’s look into every feature of this application.

Theme Options

The app provides you the option to customize the user interface. Select a theme that is more catchy, unique, and versatile. You will not find this customization option in simple whatsapp.Change the color of the keyboard, whatsapp wall, and proper visual appearance. More than 700 themes are available in the application and downloaded independently. You don’t have to worry about downloading the theme separately.

Whatsapp plus Themes

Express Your Emotions With Emoticons

To make your conversation real and to express your emotions, whatsapp plus provides you with many emoticons. You will find numerous emojis that almost cover every emotion. Use emojis instead or words to honestly describe your feelings.But there is a limitation: only Whatsapp plus users can view the emoji because it is particularly associated with this version of whatsapp. The new emoticons will not appear in the simple whatsapp.

Large Files Sharing Options

The limitation to sending the file via official whatsapp is 25MBs. To send a file larger than 25MBs, you must use email, another platform, or a different website to compress that file. But if you have Whatsapp Plus, this problem will end. You can share a file larger than 50 MB that is convenient for the users and customize a file between 2 MB to 50 MB.

Set Wallpaper on Your Wall

Whatsapp plus has multiple wallpaper options. You can choose a unique and intriguing wallpaper for your chat wall. Even you have teh option to select any picture from your Wallpaper from your gallery.

Whatsapp Plus Set Wallpaper on Your Wall

Clean Your Whatsapp With Cleaner

When searching the application, you will find a cleaner option. With one tap, this feature helps you explicit chat, data, calls, and all other unnecessary stuff. It enables you to free up the space in your phone and make room for new files.

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Anti Revoke Option

Sometime we don’t want to see the message, but mistakenly, it does happen, and then we have to reply. So to avoid such a situation this whatsapp has the anti-revoke option. Anti-revoke options help you hide your double and blue tick, so this means you haven’t read or seen the chat yet.

Hiding Options

On simple whatsapp, you can’t hide your online status. Because sometimes, you are busy doing something, but because of your online status, you might get interrupted. So the hide option gives the users access to hide their online status from people or groups.

Whatsapp plus Hiding Options


With the auto-reply feature, you can send a customized message to anyone texting you. This feature is available in WhatsApp Business, but whatsapp plus also has this feature, enabling its user to enjoy it without downloading whatsapp business.

Hiding Your Typing and Recording Status

Users can hide their typing and recording status from others.

Different Fonts and Styles

To make the user more comfortable while using Whatsapp plus, the developer gives access to change the font and text style. Different text style options are available, like BIU, italic, etc.

Advance Sharing Option

With whatsapp plus, you can share files greater than 25 Mb, videos more prolonged than the 30s, HD quality pictures, 50Mb video, and 100 MB audio files.

Whatsapp Plus Setting

History and Logs

You can keep teh records of history and logs and manage these records. So that whenever you want them, you can have them in the backup. You can track the activity that you have done on whatsapp Plus.

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How to Download The Application?

follow the given steps.

  • Click on the download link.
  • The APk file starts to download.
  • Permit to download the app from another source.
  • After that, click on teh install option.
  • After that, enter teh application and add your phone number, user name, and about, which is optional.

How To Update Whatsapp Plus?

You can update WhatsApp plus by just following these instructions

  • First, clock on the 3 dots in the right corner
  • Go to settings, click on help and info
  • Tap on check for updates if there is an updated version available
  • Then click on the update, and you will have your application updated.
  • You can also download the updated version from this website.
  • Just click on the link that offers the latest version of whatsapp Plus.
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Is the application available on the google play store?

No, whatsapp is not available on the Google play store because of some legal issues.

Can you use whatsapp and whatsapp plus at the same time with the same phone number?

It is not possible to use the same phone number for both whatsapp.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Plus?

It is a private or customized version of the application, so that it can leak your personal information to third parties. Therefore, you should be a little aware while using this application.