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APP NAMEPolarr Photo Editor APK
Size43 MB
  • Free access to all Premium/Pro features 
  • All 120 Presets unlocked
  • Unwanted permissions removed
  • One-touch editing
  • Premium Photo Filters
  • Spot Healing
  • Batch import filters
  • White and Black themes
  • Filter Backup
  • 12+ Aspect ratio options for any social media platform
  • Lut Tool unlocked
  • Upload Custom Overlays
  • Export Multiple photos
  • Selective overlays
  • Face Detection and beautification
  • Exclusive New Styles every week
  • New Effects
  • Apply appealing Styles using QR codes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Customizable Lut feature
  • New visual adjustment tools
  • Discover numerous Styles designed by the Polarr community
  • New FX Effects
  • New Sky and Cloud Textures
  • Leaks and Flare overlays
  • Curve Tool to adjust anything with just a drag
  • Advanced Toning tool
  • Many New Selections options
  • New Featured Filters
  • All-in-one application
  • Apply Overlays selectively
  • Customize your own Styles and Share them with people
  • Selective Selections
  • Save your own Styles, Effects, and Filters packed in a QR code and share them

If you are a professional photographer who needs something more exciting to bring wonders to their artistic photos, then Polarr is the solution to your problem. But you shouldn’t think at all that it’s only for photographers, it’s for anyone who explores and breaks their comfort zones for editing photos with new creative ideas. You will be stunned by the huge variety of options and features provided by Polarr MOD Apk. Believe me, as I say, there is so much more than Filters here and it’s amazing. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com

Polarr MOD APK

Polarr MOD APK provides an even more advanced photo editor which houses the most powerful premium and appealing collection of editing features. Starting from auto-enhancements, infinite filter baggage, in-depth color corrections, visual adjustments, smart selections, impressive overlays, and so much more. Polarr MOD APK is a modded application where you don’t have to pay a single penny for a subscription and you simply gain the advantage of endless creative options.

Polarr Mod APK Download latest Version


Polarr apk is available for free to download on the Google Play store for Android users. Furthermore, if you go for Polarr MOD APK, this app also has similar device requirements such as Android version 6.0 or above. You will have to give basic device permission before jumping into the filter world of Polarr. Big internal device storage will render Polarr MOD APK more compatible and worthy.

Numerous Features and Spec of Polarr Photo Editor

You can push your wildest creative limits with Polarr, which is undoubtedly one of the best AI tech editing apps out there right now. It has absolutely everything you need to give perfection to your pictures. The even more surprising thing is the fact that it even hosts fantastic options for you that you didn’t even know about before. So let’s dive into this crazy world of filters and the best enhancement specs.

Personalize With Basic Features

Polarr by far provides the most features for photo editing. Although it provides auto-enhancement features as well, you can always jump in and do your own edits from scratch. This is your best chance at personalization and adding your own taste to your edits. 

For beginners, you can always start by playing with perspective features, adding borders, cropping, adding exposure, light, brightness, color, contrast, and much more. The variety of toning options and HSL feature with a quick adjustment slider tool allows you to experiment with new parameters on your most loved photos.

Huge Collection of Wildy Trendy Filters

This is for sure the most talked about feature as Polarr holds one of the largest collections of the most gorgeous filters. Moreover, the developers have divided the ‘Discover Feed’ of the Polarr app into various sections. One day you might choose some Aesthetic filters, the other you may find some interesting Indie Film filters. The highlighted preset would be the ‘No Filter’ Filter section. All you need to do is upload pictures from your phone and start applying your favorite filters using the QR codes. 

Biggest Stop For Visual Effects Lovers

In the Adjustment panel of the edit window, there are tons of new features waiting for you. Basically, this is where you go around about different features, and create your own filters. Begin by using the amazing Dehaze tool to add life to your photos by removing the foggy tone. There are also Diffuse, Invert, Zoom Blur, and many more effects welcoming you to enjoy them fully.

The package doesn’t end there as with their easy-to-adjust Fringing effect, you can now add attractive color distortions to the edge of the objects in your photos. Add more details to the pictures using the all-new Denoise illumination and denoise color feature. Add clarity and sharpen your pictures with just one command. 

Old School Editing With a Spark

Remember adding a Vignette feature to your old memories? Now you can even adjust the size of the Vignette, add Highlights or change the Roundness of the effect with Polarr. The Grain effect here is just beyond beautiful and so pigmented. Change the Saturation, Vibrance, and Temperature tones of your pictures and create new styles in a few minutes.

Let’s Talk About Modern Polarr Tools Now

The Overlay Effect is no doubt an old concept but Polar developers are constantly adding creative new tinge to it. First of all, Polarr itself contains a big collection of widely modern textures for designing unique photos. You can add aesthetic Sky, Clouds, and other weather-themed textures. You can also add Custom textures to overlay them and completely personalize your blending game. 

To add to that, you can also opt for Gradient overlays and Duo tones. These are a bit tricky to play with and can sometimes completely confuse a beginner. But there are some awesome enhancement features by Polarr. With so many blending options such as Divide, Exclusions, Difference, and many more, your editing game will surely level up.

Awesome Selection Options For Advanced Selective Editing

Ever wanted to add luminance to only a selective spot on your photo but you couldn’t just because it requires premium apps and tools? With Polarr, it becomes so easy with Radial, Color, Linear, and more selection tools. All you have to do is grab some hold on the selection styles and then you can create pictures that people on your Instagram might have never seen before. 

Apply Codes or Create Your Own

You would have probably never heard about the use of QR codes this interestingly in a photo editing app before. Users of Polarr take full advantage of the QR code feature and apply different trendy and balanced filters, elements, or effects to their photos. 

You can also create QR codes of your own looks, or a filter style that you created and share it with your friends and the Polarr Community. What actually happens is that every effect, color adjustment, filter, or other feature and parameter that you applied to your photo gets saved in the QR code and the next time you want to apply the same enhancements, it’s only a click away.

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Should I have an account for Polarr MOD apk?

No, you don’t need to login to access the basic operations of the app. But I do prefer having an account as it allows you to sync your favorite filters and styles. You can’t use the QR code feature without signing up.

Can I edit Videos with Polarr MOD APK?

No, you can’t. But no need to worry as Polarr has introduced its extension app Polarr 24 FPS which is available to download on Google Play Store as well. It can edit videos for you with tremendous collections of filters and editing features. You can also get the modded version for it.

Is Polarr MOD APK safe for my device?

Yes, if you get the modded app from reliable sources which apply good antivirus scans to their apps before launching them, you are pretty secure. 

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