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APP NAMEMinecraft Java Edtion
Size523 MB

Following are the latest and updated features of this application

  • new graphics
  • easy user interface
  • bug fixes
  • other minor improvements.
  • Multiple layouts
  • Free of ads
  • Spectate Mode
  • Hardcore mode
  • Multiple Players

You can download the premium version of this application for free from our website. Click on the download button and get your app free and enjoy.

Minecraft Java Edition APK has become a sensation in the game world. It has captivated the mind of gamers and is admired by thousands. Mojang, a Swedish video game developer, based in Stockholm, developed the game. The game has proved a great success, and they sell millions of copies.

Minecraft is a game based on the sandbox genre, and it is where you can create a world you like with the cubes available that’s why they named it craft. Unlike classical games, gamers have the freedom to do what they want. You can use your imagination to build whatever you like.

Dig mine, build farms, craft, fight enemies, and be there exploring the amazing cubic world. The two other editions of this game are popular. The Minecraft pocket edition APK which you can play on your smartphone, also known as the Bedrock, is based on a bedrock codebase and available on the Microsoft store.

minecraft java edition free download for android

The game has two versions, free and paid. You can get the bot version from the Google Play Store. The free version has some features available, but in the pro version, all the excellent features are unlocked and open for gamers. The premium version requires you to pay to unlock all the features, but you can get it free by tapping the download button.

Premium Features

Minecraft Apk can help you work on your creative side. It is for all ages. Thus You can play it with your friends, family, or all alone. Different modes and environments keep you engaged and make the game enjoyable. You can leap from your daily routine and kill time playing this fantastic video game. The premium version has the following features. Minecraft APK is a worldwide famous game. You can play it without the internet. And have different features that make the game amusing for the players.

Challenge Your Imagination

The game has unique graphics. Different cubes are available, like sand, water, wood, grass, stone, and other building blocks. With them, you can create houses, castles, roads, forests, and different tools like armor, swords, etc.

Minecraft Java Edition APK

you can build different weapons to protect your character from other animals and zombies living around—it is all up to you how you want your place. Either you want to create a classic countryside or a robotic theme world.

Adventure In an Open World

Minecraft lets you go out and search for the resources you want as building materials. There are never-ending maps where you can find deserts, forests with different beasts living around, dungeons, polar regions, etc. it has two modes of survival and creativity. Each method gives the player an extra level of approach to survival.

Creative Mode

Switching to the creative Mode in Minecraft eliminates the danger, and you can move around and do construction. It will eliminate the risk of zombies and beasts that roam around and threaten you in survival mode.

minecraft java edition free download apk

HardCore Mode

As the name indicates, it is the most complex level in the game. The gamer has difficulty finding food, shelter, and other items. Moreover, it drained more power from your phone.

Spectate Mode

This feature in Minecraft helps the players to spectate the world exquisitely. With this Mode, you can fly over objects, survive in water, and see underwater structures.

kids Friendly

This game is not only for adults but for people of all ages. Children can also enjoy this and improve their creative skills and imagination power. They can build different building blocks according to their interest and play.

Minecraft kids Friendly

Java Addon

It is the game’s original version and can be played on the PC with more realistic features. It is excellent for installing mods and playing on multiple servers. You can customize your skin, and it helps you to play with other java users.

Slash Commands

Slash commands will let the user summon mob, change the time of the day, 3D katanas, give and take items, and many other options to enjoy teh game to the fullest.


Minecraft has a realm where you can play with more than 10 friends across the empire. The developers give you a private server for you to play with different players around the world. You can have private chats and make friends through Minecraft.

Minecraft Multiplayer


In Minecraft, you have a marketplace to get unique maps, skin, weapons, texture packs, and different weapons from your favorite creator.

No, it is not. You have all the features available on PC. with Java Minecraft; you can play with different players on the console. To handle the game or get used to the controls might take some time, but once you get over it, you will enjoy the game to its fullest.

Minecraft Java Edition APK

The java edition of mine craft apk is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC. It also helps users create skins and mods. You can easily handle the PC version. It is coded in java which is a high-class programming language.

Minecraft Java Edition

Moreover, some features are only limited to the java edition, like spectator mode, characters, blocks, and Redstone behave differently in the java edition. But players are limited to playing with the gamers with the java edition of the game, while this limitation is not applied to the Java edition.

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Can you download Minecraft for free?

Yes, you can download Minecraft from our website. Just click on the download button and get it now.

Can you play Minecraft Java Edition Apk on your phone?

Minecraft Java APK is tailored for android phones although it was for pcs only but with this apk you can use it on your mobile. You can connect with different game players around the globe through your phone.

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