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Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the world. It has so many unusual features that cause gamers’ attraction to it. It would help if you had wood or Bamboo to make the basic or advanced items in Minecraft.You can find wood in Minecraft easily but not Bamboo. Why? Because it is naturally spawned in the Forest biome, you must struggle to find it.

Bamboo has an amazing texture and provides new features that wood can not. Apart from this, they are quite expensive as more bamboo pieces are required to craft something in Minecraft than wood, and they are hard to find.

How to Make Bamboo Farm in Minecraft?

So in Minecraft APK Download, there are one most exciting features. You can farm Bamboo. Yes, you heard it right you can make a bamboo farm in Minecraft. Want to find out how? Then continue reading this article, where you will find a basic guide and steps to make a Bamboo farm.

The Basic Thing To Consider Before Growing The Bamboo

If you know how to make the sugar cane farm in Minecraft, it would be much easier to understand the requirements. First of all, you have to choose where you want to establish this farm. There is no need for water resources near it as Bamboo requires less water than sugar cane farms, but light is necessary for them.

So to make the farm, you first have to choose a place. Bamboo can be grown on mud, grass, dirt, red sand, gravel, and podzol. You can farm them on moss blocks if you have a java edition. Then the other factor is light. Bamboo farms need the light of level nine to grow even at night continually. So you have to add a light source to your farm.

growing the bamboo in minecraft

So let’s dive into the guide to making bamboo farms in Minecraft APK Download 2023.

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The items required to make a bamboo farm are listed below

  • Mud Block
  • Minecart with hopper
  • piece of Bamboo
  • Redstone dust
  • Open Area
  • Hopper
  • Rails
  • Red Stone Torch
  • Powered Rails
  • Bamboo Trapdoors
  • Mosaic Block
  • Bamboo Fence gate

The amount of each component is specific. Collect these items to make a bamboo farm. However, some of these components are used for decorative purposes.

Grow Bamboo Farm

Now that you have all the necessary materials for the bamboo farm. Let’s begin planting the Bamboo. For ease, we have divided the guide into sections so you can better understand it and grow a Bamboo farm yourself.

Prepare Area

The area required for bamboo farming is 15 by 15. Remove the base block in the middle area of your farm with mud blocks. And create a hollow square. The block should be at three block distance from the boundary.

Plant Bamboo Pieces

The second step is to plant the bamboo sticks on the mud block—plant as much Bamboo as you can but remember to leave the corners and adjacent blocks empty.

Plant bamboo in minecraft

Place Piston and Black Terracotta

It’s time to put your piston and black terracotta, aka solid block, behind each Bamboo. The piston should be placed so that it faces the Bamboo.

Place The Observer

Place an observer on top of each piston to observe the bamboo growth. The observer needs to face toward the Bamboo. Put them on behind the piston.

Palace Solid Block

Now place the black terracotta behind each piston and put Redstone dust. The Redstone dust is placed on top of each block. When the Bamboo grows and reaches a certain height, it is observed by the observer and sends a red dust signal that makes the piston move. Hence it will cut the Bamboo from a certain height. The cut Bamboo will fall on the earth for collection.

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Collection System

Once you have done the plantation, you need to build a collection system to collect all the fallen Bamboo. Let’s start

  • Dig a three blocks-deep and five blocks wide trench in front of the Bamboo
  • Create a small tunnel beneath the area by breaking two blocks beneath mud blocks, aka plantation blocks
  • Place a chest on the trench and connect it with a hopper; they must be beneath the mud block.
  • Now place the Redstone torch in the ground next to each hopper and a torch in the middle of each row of the tunnel.
  • Place a rail on placed solid blocks around the tunnel. Make sure that rails are on those solid blocks above the Redstone torch and should also be present above the hopper.

How This Inground Rail Work

Dropped items are collected by the Minecart APK Updated Version even when they are present one block away. So when the minecart moves along the tunnel, it collects the dropped Bamboo. When it passes through the chest, Minecraft empties itself in the chest, so whenever you require the Bamboo, you go for the chest that has the Bamboo collected by minecart.

For safety purposes of the Bamboo farm, you can make an allay that will not only protect your farm but also collect the pieces of Bamboo and collect them in the collection site.

Use of Bamboo In Minecraft

As we have seen, Bamboo trees require some time to grow. And then, the bamboo pieces will be gathered in the chest, and from there, you can get it. For what purposes can we use Bamboo? Let’s see here

Use of Bamboo In Minecraft
  • You can use Bamboo to create Bamboo wood item
  • Pandas in Minecraft also love Bamboo, so they can also use them for their feeding and make panda mobs
  • Because it’s a type of wood that can be used as fuel.
  • It can be used as a decorative item
  • Craft sticks and scaffolding with Bamboo
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So make the Bamboo farm and collection mechanism for bamboo collection through thorough guidance and enjoy playing Minecraft APK .

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What are hoppers used for?

Hoppers are used for transferring items in Minecraft, put anything inside the hopper, and it will start delivering the items. It is used to make an automated farm.

How does the piston work?

When an observer detects the Bamboo, it will send a signal through Redstone and activate the piston that will cut and drop it; that is considered an item.

What should be the size of a hollow square for planting Bamboo?

The hollow area should be nine blocks wide and nine blocks long. While three blocks away from the boundaries.