How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20?

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Minecraft 1.20 has many updated features that have amazed gamers and made them excited because the game seems more realistic, and many more features have been added. Take the bookshelves as an example; in the previous version, these bookshelves were used for decoration and powering up the enchanting table.

You could not utilize them for any purpose, but in Minecraft Download 1.20, you can now use Chiseled bookshelves to place material like books, enchanted books, and books & quills. Isn’t it fantastic?

How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20?

Now you have to figure out how to make a Chiseled bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20. In this article, we have put a simple guide for you to craft a Chiseled bookshelf that can serve a real purpose.

A Chiseled Bookshelf

Before going deep into this topic, understand Minecraft’s Chiseled bookshelf. A Chiseled Bookshelf is a storage block for holding books. It doesn’t have a specific UI to place the book and appoint it to a position.

Chiseled bookshelf

Set it where it seems fitting to be put. You can place books, quills, and enchanted books on this bookshelf. Further, these books can serve you in various ways in Minecraft MOD APK.

You can place six books at a time on one bookshelf. How many books are placed will be displayed there on the bookshelf.

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How to Craft a Chiseled Bookshelf?

Now come to our main subject. How can you create a Chiseled bookshelf? What item do you need to make one? And what is it used for? We will address all these questions below. Continue reading the article to find out.

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Material Required to Create a Bookshelf

The material required for crafting this bookshelf is crafting tables, wood slabs, and wood planks. How can you make a wood plank and slab? It is so simple. For making the wood planks, place wood logs on crafting tables. One log can make four planks. You can use bamboo as well as wood to create a wooden plank.

Required meterial to creat a chiseled bookshelf

The same goes for the slab. Place three planks in a row on the crafting table to make one slab. One wood plank will give you three wood slabs, so three will provide you with six.

You need six wood planks and three wood slabs to make a Chiseled bookshelf. Collect the wooden logs and make them ready for your crafting purpose.

Chiseled Bookshelf Crafting Steps

Let’s start how to craft when you have all the ingredients to make your required item. Follow the given instruction.

  • First, on a crafting table, place the slabs in the middle of the crafting box.
  • After that, place the wooden planks in each empty crafting table box.
Chiseled bookshelf Crafting steps
  • After inputting all your items on crafting tables, the output will be a Chiseled Bookshelf.
  • How big you want your Chiseled bookshelf depends on you. You can then combine each shelf to make a giant bookshelf.

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How Can You Use the Chiseled Bookshelf?

Minecraft 1.20 is simple to understand for the users. You can easily comprehend how to place books in this self.

First, you need to place the bookshelf in your area at a suitable place. Then fill the shelf with books by using control or secondary keys. Only that shelf will be served on which you directly see. Suppose you want to pick any book. Press the right click or keys assigned and aim for the book.

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It differs from the previous version, in which you can not select any book at any time. The last book you have placed on the shelf would be like the first in other versions. But in Minecraft 1.20 snapshot 22w46A, aim for the book, and you can quickly take it from the frame.

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Can Chiseled Bookshelf Serve Other Purposes Other Than Book Storage?

  • This bookshelf serves other purposes too. You can place it under a note block to produce a bass sound.
  • It can trigger the Redstone signals. The redstone signal (1-6) is different for each slot of the Chiseled bookshelf—the signal strength increases from top to bottom and left to right.
  • It can be used as fuel for a furnace to spawn items.
Chiseled Bookshelf Serve Other Purposes Other Than Book

So this is all you need to know about Chiseled Bookshelf. With this simple guide, you can create your bookshelves and use them for different purposes.

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Can you break the Chiseled Bookshelf?

Yes, they are easily breakable. You can use different tools, but an axe is the strongest and fastest candidate for this.

How can more giant Chiseled bookshelves be made?

It depends on you how bigger you want it to be. You can make a 15-shelf bookshelf or even more than this. For this purpose, you need to calculate the planks, logs, and slabs.