How to Make a Bamboo Raft in Minecraft 1.20?

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Minecraft timely introduces some features that keep the interest of users. You can not deny how famous this application is worldwide, and this is because of its fantastic game features. One of them is the bamboo tree which provides wood to craft multiple things. The latest Minecraft APK line 2023 event has announced that users can now make use of bamboo wood to make rafts, which gives the benefit of a boat.

How to Make a Bamboo Raft in Minecraft 1.20?

This article explains how you can make this Raft with easy steps and use them with an easy guide. Continue reading this article to find out.

An Introduction To Raft

First, I will let you know what Raft is. A raft is a floating object that is made up of wood. The same goes for the Raft in Minecraft APK Latest Version 2023. You can build a Minecraft raft with bamboo sticks and blocks. And this will float like a boat on the water. You have to use an oar to move the Raft. So a rower and a raft is a complete set to float on water.

How to Make a Bamboo Raft in Minecraft 1.20?

How many people can sit on the Raft? The answer is two: a mob and a player or two mobs. Players and groups can ride on the Raft, and a camel can also be put on the Raft to move from one place to another. Let’s see how to make a raft.

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Requirement For a Raft

To make a raft, you need the following items

  • Bamboo Planks
  • Crafting Table

The quantity needed for making one Raft is six bamboo planks and a crafting table. First, you need to make a bamboo plank. For this purpose, find bamboo wood often found in the jungle biome.

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Collect the bamboo blocks and place the bamboo block on the crafting table. One crafting table can make two planks. So to make six planks, you need three blocks of bamboo. Put them on a crafting table which turns out to be six planks for a raft.

Steps To Build A Raft

The steps are similar to crafting a boat in Minecraft APK Download 2023. To prepare a Minecraft raft, you must follow the given steps.

  • Place a bamboo plank in the top corner cells of the crafting table.
  • Then place the remaining bamboo plank in the middle cells of the crafting table.
  • Wait for the process, and the output will be a raft.
Steps To Build A Raft
  • Now your Raft is ready; you can place different objects in the Raft. Like combining the chest with Raft, and still, a player can also sit on the Raft.

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Steps to Use A Raft

Now you have your Raft, and we will see how you can use a raft.

  • First, push the Raft into the water by walking on it.
  • To ride it right, click or use the secondary key.
  • And then control the Raft by utilizing the movement key.
  • Also, you have the option available to ride alone or with other species/ mobs.
  • Enjoy your ride and control the Raft with keys.

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A Boat and A Raft

So what is the difference between a boat and a raft? Because we know the similarities like the same crafting recipe, same floating speed, mob attack chances, the same ability to carry on an object, etc.

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A Boat

A Raft

Floating object with bordersHave no borders, all sides open
Advanced design with a proper shapeThe simple and basic design
Can be a variety of colors and traditional designEasy to use and different

So you now have a complete understanding of what Raft is. How can you make and use it? What item are you required to craft? Now make the Raft all by yourself and get amazed by the features this provides on water.

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What is the capacity of a raft?

Two people can easily fit onto the Raft, either it is you or a mob. Only the boss mob can’t keep up with the players. A player and a pack or two groups can ride on the Raft simultaneously.

In which version of the raft feature is available?

Minecraft 1.20 version has this feature of Raft and is very popular among users. It has enhanced Minecraft’s popularity worldwide.

How can you row with the Raft?

With the help of oar, you can do your Raft around on the water.