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Minecraft players know the usefulness of mob heads that serve as decorative items in the game. They are not just used for decorative purposes but also use for various useful purposes in the game. Some of the heads are movable and create a real mob impact. The Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 22W46A has seven mob heads, including six mobs, while one head is a clear intimation of the player’s heads. In this article, we will dig deeper into how you can acquire and use these mob heads in Minecraft 1.20.

How to Get and Use Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20?

First, we will see what mob heads are.

Mob Heads

Mob heads are the intimation of various mobs in Minecraft. They are just like helmets that could be placed for decoration or used as shields for the player’s heads. You can put them on a block. Some heads show movement when they connect with the Redstone component, giving a realistic effect.

Mob Heads in minecraft

As we mentioned earlier, there are seven mob heads in Minecraft 1.20. The intimation of the player’s head greatly benefits the player to distract enemies. Once a player’s head is created, it will remain the same no matter how many times you change the skin

So here is the type of heads you will find in this version.

  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Wither skeleton
  • Player (Steve’s head)
  • Pigling
  • Creeper
  • Ender Dragon

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Where Can We Get These Heads?

Now we know that so and so types of the head is available in Minecraft APK Latest Version, let’s see how and from where we can get them. There are several ways to find the one that you find easy.

Through Mob Loot

You can win a head through mob loot. You can use enchantments on the weapon to increase the chances of getting the mob heads. For example, fighting and killing a wither skeleton gives you a chance to win a wither skeleton head, but it is only 1%. Increase these chances by weapon’s enchantment.

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In Ancient Cities

The old cities are famous for giving you Skeleton heads and dragon heads. Usually, the dark biome is well known for tier skeletons skulls, while the end ships are for dragon skulls.


These heads spawn naturally means you don’t have to use any command or enchantment to find these skulls and search the ancient and end cities.

Take Benefit From a Charged Creeper

When a creeper is hit by lightning, or in other words by Enchanted Trident, it obtains too much energy and blasts with a big explosion. The damage is greater, but it can help you find one mob head with each shot.

When this charged creeper explodes in a mob, it will certainly generate one head, and this is also a drawback of this method, as many groups kill in one blast but generate only one. So there are more efficient methods to get ahead.

Use Commands To Get a Head

You can use a cheat code to get heads as quickly as possible. These commands enable you to get even players’ heads. So the syntax of the command is as follows.

/give @p minecraft. Head Name

Add the cheat code to get what you want, and for your ease, we have mentioned some cheat codes as an example that work for Minecraft MOD APK Version 1.20.

Use Commands To Get a Head

For Wither SKeleton, add Block. Minecraft-Wither_skeleton_skull same goes for each head. You have to change the end name with your required one.

Another very interesting thing is that you can use the head of other players by adding their user names at the end of the syntax.

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/give @p minecraft.Player_head [Skullowner- username]

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Use Of Mob Heads

After knowing how to get the heads in Minecraftadn types, let’s move toward using these Mob heads.

For Decoration Purposes

These mob heads can add beauty to your area. You can place the mob heads in the box in a different direction. Till now, you can put heads in 16 tips and make them move by powering them with Redstone. When these hades move, they give realistic effects.

As a Disguise

These heads can be used as a disguise to enter a mob and kill them without being caught. Wearing the skulls of Zombies, whiter skeletons, piglets, etc., can reduce the player’s detection by 50%. In this way, it helps the users to enjoy the game better.

As Clothing

These heads act as helmets, so you can wear them as clothing, protect your head when fighting, and serve as decorative head masks.


Combining gunpowder and dye causes the mob head to explode as a firework and create mobs in teh sky. They are again used for decorative purposes. This firework is used to celebrate the victory against different masses.

Create Mob Sound

In Minecraft version 1.20, you can create particular mob sounds by those mob heads.

Make Banner

If you combine paper with the heads of creepers or wither skeletons, you can make a banner then that banner will have the face of that particular mob.

use of mob heads in minecraft

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Simple Steps To Make Mob Sounds In Minecraft

You can make the head sound by following these simple steps

  • Make a craft table and place it where you want
  • Place a wooden pressure plate, and you can put any lever, Redstone or anything you want.
  • Then place the mob head on the note block
  • Step on the pressure plate that allows the head to make sound
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Now you have the complete guide on how to get the mob heads to use them for different purposes. Now apply these strategies to win the crowns and enjoy playing Minecraft MOD APK Download 2023.

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Can you use the player head in Minecraft?

Yes, Minecraft 1.20 snapshot 22W46a has these features that allow you to use the heads of the famous player by just adding the username in the syntax.

Where can you find the skeleton head?

Wither skeletons are found in the deep biome, and it is hard to find them. Although they have many high features, they consume much more Hp than others. Make a farm of them if you want to use wither skeleton skulls.

Can changing user skin can affect the player head, been designed?

No, changing the player’s skin doesn’t affect the player’s head that has been designed.