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Version9.81 & 20.80.16
Size56 MB
  • Customization options such as themes, fonts, and icons.
  • The ability to hide the “typing” and “online” status from other users.
  • Enhanced privacy settings, including the ability to password-protect chats.
  • Increased media sharing limits.
  • In-app lock to protect the app from unauthorized access.
  • The ability to send larger file sizes.
  • The option to download and use third-party themes.

FM WhatsApp is the modified version of official WhatsApp with extra features. These features are extraordinary and added according to the interest of the users. It allows you to run dual accounts on a single device, use multiple themes, and above all, users have complete hold over their accounts. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

As it is the moded version, you can’t find it on the google play store. It is pretty popular among users. To download the latest application version, click on the download button.For more fun check GB WhatsApp Download

FM Whatsapp is the moded version, so people usually refer to it because of the advanced features it offers. Foud Apps developed this version of Whatsapp. On Fouad’s official website, you can get the relevant information.

FM whatsapp apk download latest version

The added features are airplane mode, freeze last seen, remove the restriction, anti-revoke option, show deleted messages and statuses, and many more. All these features are not available in the official version of whatsapp. The best thing is privacy. You will have enhanced privacy on FM whatsapp

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Features of FM Whatsapp APK

The features of fm whatsapp apk are as follows:

Freeze your last seen

With FM whatsapp, You can freeze your last seen. It helps you enjoy the app more freely without the tension of being judged by spending too much time on this platform.

 Freeze last scene in fm whatsapp

People usually don’t like that other person know what they are doing at a particular time, so this feature helps them hide their last visit to Whatsapp.

Airplane Mode

Want to appear offline without disabling your Internet connection? Then use airplane mode that disconnects your whatsapp from the application. You will not receive any notification until you turn theairplane mode off.

Aeroplane mode in fm whatsapp

Message or Call Without Saving a Number

It is a limitation of the official whatsapp that only allows you to message and call the saved contacts, but with FM whatsapp, you can send messages without saving your phone number. This way, you don’t have to keep communicating and make personal connections with the next person.

Pin chat

As you know, in whatsapp, you can pin only 3 chats on the main board, but in FM, you can pin 100 chats. So never miss out on any meaningful conversation. Just pin that on top.

pin chat in fm whatsapp

Hide Blue Tick

A blue tick means that the receiver has read the message. Sometimes you can not reply but are seen because of some busy routine that can irritate your sender. It is the reason the developer offers this feature of hiding blue tick. The ticks will turn blue only when you reply.

hide blue tick

Hide Typing and Recoding Status

You can also conceal typing and recording status while hiding online status.

Media Sharing

FM whatsapp has removed restrictions over media sharing. In simple whatsapp, you can send a file that is not greater than 25 MB. But in FM, you can send files greater than 700 Mbs, such as audio and video files. You can send messages to 500 people at a time-limited to 250 on official whatsapp. You can send 30 pictures on official whatsapp, while on FM, you can send 60 images at a time.FM WhatsApp comes with some special entertainment purposes and you can have more fun by using Minecraft APK.

Medai sharing in fm whatsapp

Watch Deleted Status

In FM whatsapp, you can watch the status even after people delete them. The status will appear for 24 hours. So you will not miss any status.

Watch Deleted Messages

It is one of the best features of FM, as it allows users to read deleted messages. Because it bothers a user to see a deleted message as it raises curiosity, if you are an FM user, the deleted message will not irritate you anymore.

Remove The Forwarded Tag

Sometimes you don’t type a message again; instead prefer to forward it. You have seen that for forwarded messages, whatsapp puts a tag on them. That may not be very pleasant for some users. You can remove tha tag in the FM version of whatsapp.

Remove forwarded tag in Fm whatsapp


To describe your emotions, you can use emojis. In FM whatsapp, you will have multiple emoticons from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. but are limited to sending them to other FM whatsapp users. The emojis will not show to simple whatsapp users.

FM whatsapp emojies

Advance Privacy

FM whatsapp has advanced privacy features. You can choose who can call and message you.You can also restrict who can add you to the group and broadcast. It gives the user a free hand to enjoy the FM features.

Fm whatsapp advance privacy

Hide Status View

FM users can now hide their status view. It means if you have seen someone’s status, it will not be shown to them unless you want to. When viewing the status, if you don’t tap on the double tick, the other person would never know you have seen their status.

Hide view status in FM whatsapp

App Customization

The application allows you to customize the FM icon from recent to any other color. Add custom theme and wallpaper and use emojis and your name as main screen wallpaper.If you want additional feature like fm in your editing application too then you must check also Alight Motion APK.

Customize setting

How to Download and Install the Application?

To install the application from our site APKINU, follow the given steps.

  • Click on the download button . It will lead you to the APK file of FM whatsapp.
  • Go to the mobile settings and permit download from the third source.
  • The apk file will start to download
  • When you tap on the file install option will appear.
Installation of fm whatsapp
  • Click on install, and the app will install on your phone
  • Add your phone number and give the necessary permissions.
Fm whatsapp apk

How to Update FM Whatsapp?

When there is an update from the developer, a notification will appear on the main screen. You have to click on the install option on that notification.

update fm whatsapp

But we are also providing you with the latest FM whatsapp, which has many updated features. Click on the download button and get yourself the latest version of FM whatsapp.

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Is FM better than Gb whatsapp?

FM WHatsapp gives its user more security than GB whatsapp. Your privacy is secure in FM whatsapp.

Is FM whatsapp safe?

As it is a Moded version of the original whatsapp, there is no guarantee that they are safe. You have to be very careful when using the moded whatsapp.

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