How To See Deleted Messages in Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp is a famous worldwide platform for communication. Millions of people are using WhatsApp actively. There are a lot of features this application provides to its customers. You know that in WhatsApp, when you send a message to someone, you can delete it within one hour for everyone. But it will leave a notification of the deleted message. That is frustrating for the receiver as they cannot read what others have said.So many users try installing third-party applications and mods to gain anti-revoke features that help them to read and see what others have deleted.

How To See Deleted Messages in Whatsapp?

There are other ways to help you read deleted messages. So, let’s begin. In this article, we will see how you can recover deleted messages on WhatsApp. There are different ways available. As you know, WhatsApp works slightly differently for Android and iOS operating systems. So we will look into how we can read from these operating systems. So let’s begin.

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Ways To Recover Messages on Android Smartphones

There are two ways to recover messages and read deleted chats. They are given below.

  1. Via Notification History
  2. Via An App

Let’s discuss how you can use all these methods efficiently in detail below.

1:Via Notification History

If you have a smartphone with an Android 11 operating system, you must have this function in WhatsApp. The notification log. Every message sent and received on WhatsApp creates a log of that message. This logging feature allows users to recover their chat. But how can you activate this feature if you have Android 11? Let’s find out

  • Go to your smartphone setting, app, and notification, and select notification.
  • Please search for the user notification history and then tap on it.
  • Then the page will show all the notifications.
recover whatsapp deleted messages via notification history

By following these steps, you can view all the unread deleted messages. But you have to turn this notification history option to allow WhatsApp to make a log on your mobile phone.

2:Via An Application

If the notification log option doesn’t work for your mobile, you can download this application to read messages once deleted. The Notification History app records all the notifications you receive and monitors them. There are different applications available on the google store, but the best is Android Parental Control.

chat backup in whatsapp

There is only one limitation the account must be synced. You can read only those messages synced over the app, but once you delete the message before synching, you can’t read the messages.

Anti- Revoke Messages on iPhone

If you want to recover the chat on your iPhone, you can see the deleted messages by making a backup. Given in the easy stepwise guide

  • Set an iCloud chat backup for WhatsApp on your iPhone
  • Then you can uninstall the application. Reinstall it.
  • It will demand the account of the drive for backup
  • Then add the iCloud account id and put in the password. And all the chats will be restored.
anti-revoke of whatsapp

These are simple yet effective techniques to recover the chats and read them. Because sometimes, the deletion for every one message can be quite irritating, follow any of the three methods and recover messages from now on.

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What is the anti-revoke option?

It is the feature that you will find on GB WhatsApp. The main purpose is to read the deleted messages.

What is the purpose of the notification log?

It created a history of the notification you received. It allows you to record the notification history, and then you can access it whenever you want.

What third-party apps can you use to view deleted messages?

Multiple apps are available, but the best are Android Parental Control, Notisava, and Tenorshare.