How to Craft and Use Hanging Signs in Minecraft 1.20?

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Signs in Minecraft are helpful as they indicate much information like chest inventories flowing lava or giving water flow directions or other directions. In Minecraft’s previous version, the signs needed to be placed on a block for support.

It is frustrating to cope with this. The new version of Minecraft 1.20 snapshot 22w42a has a feature of hanging signs that have eliminated the dependence of symbols on the blocks.

The hanging signs are like wooden blocks that you can hang beside other blocks. These blocks look pretty and have given the game a natural effect. The crafting is quite exciting and a little expensive.

How to Craft and Use Hanging Signs in Minecraft 1.20?

In this article, we will see how we can make hanging signs, their types, and how we can use them. So without any delay, let’s get started.

How Can We Make Hanging Signs?

Making hanging signs is expensive because of the use of iron chains. We will first decide what item we need to craft them. So let’s find out.

Material Required

The material required for crafting the hanging sign is

  • Log block
  • Iron chain

How can you obtain both of these items? Look for the following guide.

The Wooden Log

When making a sign, you need four wooden striped blocks. To make them use an ax to get a log and then strip it. Strip it by using a right-click or the action keys. Make sure to complete these blocks with the same wood.

Minecraft hanging signs

You can also make a bamboo hanging sign for this purpose, and you need to make a bamboo block as we need help finding the bamboo logs naturally.

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Iron Chain

The second most important thing to make is an iron chain. The chains are used for hanging purposes. The hanging signs are costly because of these iron chains. To craft the iron chain in Minecraft, follow the given steps.

  • We need two iron ingots to make one iron chain. To make this ingot, you need iron ore. Take an iron ore and place it in the furnace. The furnace smelt it and formed an ingot.
  • Then it would help if you had iron nuggets to make a chain. Place one iron ingot on the crafting table because one iron ingot can produce nine nuggets.
  • Now on the crafting table, place the remaining iron ingot in the center of the cell and place one iron nugget on the top and bottom.

Now you have all the ingredients to make a sign, let’s make one.

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Crafting a Hanging Sign

To craft a hanging sign, follow the given steps.

  • Place one chain on the left and one on the right corner of the crafting table.
  • Place the wooden strip logs or bamboo logs in the bottom or middle row.
  • Let the crafting table do its work.
  • It will convert the wooden records and iron chains into hanging signs.

How to Hang The Signs on Minecraft?

  • To hang the signs in Minecraft, your character first needs to hold the sign.
  • Then go to the area where you want to hang the sign. Remember, you can ride a sign beside and below the support.
  • After placing them, the game asks you to write on the sign. It also provides you with different formats and color coding. Use them to make a unique sign.
Hang your hanging signs in minecraft

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Types of Hanging Signs

The hanging signs differ in Minecraft by wood type and color. You can change the color of the hanging boards. Following are the kinds of hanging boards you can find in Minecraft Download 1.20.

  • Crimson
  • Acacia
  • Jungle
  • Bamboo
  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Birch
  • Mangrove
  • Warped

These boards make the playing zone fascinating. Players enjoy crafting and placing them and making their Minecraft like a real place.

Attachment or Hanging Types

The other thing that comes to mind is where you can place them, just on wooden hanging logs, or you can hang them on different objects. There are the following hanging types for signs.

  • Beneath the block
  • Attach with other hanging signs
hanging-item-sign in minecraft
  • Attach to the side of a block
  • Floating signs are also an exciting feature after hanging the sign with the block. Break the league, and the sign will remain in the air independently.

It is all about hanging signs as an addition to Minecraft version 1.20. Though it may have some bug problems, it still has gained gamers’ interest. Now you have all the details of how to craft and hang the signs. Try these steps and customize your signs in Minecraft.

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What are hanging signs used for?

The hanging signs are used for pointing any direction, area, chest inventories, water, and lava flow direction, and many other purposes.

What wood can you use to make a wooden sign log?

You can use different tree logs to do a split. But make sure to use one tree wood for one sign. The trees used for making signs are oak, spruce, warped, mangrove, dark oak, bamboo, etc.

Where can you hang these signs?

You can hang the sign on the block beneath and on the lower side. It is attached to other signs and with wooden towers.