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Transitions play an essential role in video editing as videos look impressive and exciting by adding different effects or animations. Inshot offers different transitions and effects you can add to videos while merging them. Today, we’ll talk about how to add transitions in Inshot. Here are some steps you can simply follow to add transitions to your videos.

How To Add Transitions In Inshot?

Steps To Follow 

  • First of all, open Inshot and select videos.
  • Create a new project and add two or more videos
  • Now, tap on the edit button and select “transitions.”
  • Various transition categories are available, including Glitch, Film, Simple, etc. Select any transition and insert it into the video.
inshot transitions
  • You can repeat the process again and again and add as many videos as you want.
  • After adding the transition, click on save edit and save the video with desired resolution in your gallery. That’s all you need to do to apply different transitions in Inshot.

The above guide is related to adding transitions in videos. Now, we’ll discuss how to add transitions in photos.

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How To Add Transitions To Photos in Inshot?

Adding transitions in photos make your edits look more fabulous. Here are steps you can follow if you don’t know how to add transitions to photos in Inshot.

  • Create a photo editing project.
  • Now, tap on effects and select transitions.
  • Apply transitions from the given options.
Add tarnsition through inshot pro mod apk
  • Save your edit.
  • Export the photos to the gallery.
  • That’s all.
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How to access locked transitions in Inshot?

You can unlock premium transitions by purchasing a membership of Inshot Pro. However, you can also access them by downloading the Inshot mod apk on your Android device.

Does Inshot have the glitch transition effect?

Yes, Inshot has different transition effects such as Glitch, Film, Simple, Slice, Light, and many more.

Can we add text transitions in Inshot?

Yes, Inshot also offers different text transitions that you can add to your edits for a better and more impressive approach.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed thoroughly how to add transitions to videos and photos in Inshot. You can apply a lot of transition effects to your edits with the help of this video editing application. However, if you still have questions, let us know in the comments.