WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version 21.00 – 2023

This modified version of WhatsApp is simply called WhatsApp Plus Apk. Send texts, emojis, videos, pictures, documents, as well as send emojis to your friends with this app. You can fully customize WhatsApp Plus with this application. You can download it from any third-party website for free.

Communication through messages brought about a revolution when cell phones were introduced to the public. The whole world changed as a result. There followed an immediate need for communication security. To meet this need, new solutions were devised. Because of this, WhatsApp gained popularity and was able to enter the market. It is now used by almost a billion users. The App you are going to read about in this article is WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus is a sister app to WhatsApp. All communications are encrypted end-to-end. Click here for the full article. Find out more by reading on.

Modified WhatsApp Applications such as WhatsApp Plus 2022 are extremely popular. With the help of this App, you can completely customize your Whatsapp and make it look, feel, and function the way you want. The App is additionally referred to as Whatsapp+ Blue. It was created by Spanish developer Rafalete and released in 2012 for the first time. This version of Whatsapp has been developed with great care and is one of the most stable ones. Since this application is based on a previous version of WhatsApp, it even uses the same package name. The most recent scene in Blue Plus can be hidden, basic fonts can be adjusted, and even colors can be customized to meet the needs of the user.

There’s not a lot of difference between WhatsApp and its Plus version APK. The two applications are virtually identical. The WhatsApp Plus APK is less popular, despite the fact that it has quite a few users worldwide. There is more to these applications than this. Whatsapp does not have all the features that it should. There are, therefore, a number of WhatsApp mods available. The plus version of WhatsApp is the modified version of the original App.

WhatsApp Plus comes with a variety of features that can add to your experience on WhatsApp. Additionally, both the plus version and original version of Whatsapp can be used at the same time. It does not require root access.

Whatsapp Plus APK File Specifications

App Name Whatsapp Plus
Size40.67 MB
Category Communication/Social
Version Latest
Updated 3 Days Ago

The Whatsapp Plus files are 100% Virus Free You can use them with trust on your Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo Devices without any issue!

What is Whatsapp Plus APK?

 Whatsapp Plus is one of the most downloaded mods of the original version of Whatsapp, which has millions of users from all over the world. There are a number of incredibly advanced features in this APK that are missing from the official version. It displays your last seen, you can change the color or add new themes, and many more features are available with Whatsapp Plus. The cheapest way to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones is with WhatsApp Plus, which is user-friendly, like GBWhatsapp. It is the easiest way to communicate with people, wherever they may live, no matter what language they speak.


  • It is an app similar to WhatsApp that works similarly. Released in 2012, it works similarly to WhatsApp. This App was modified from the original WhatsApp by prominent XDA member Ravalet. The user interface changed from the original WhatsApp. Gold instead of green was used as the original app logo. This article will discuss some of the additional functions and features added to the Rafale. Messages are sent using end-to-end encryption with Aero WhatsApp APK. The original App’s features are available as well.
  • With some really amazing features and many customization options, WhatsApp Plus is one of those applications that can really impress you. All of those features not available in the official App will be available as a completely customized experience for you. Because of its stability and security features, WhatsApp Plus Apkis the only modified App that you should use for WhatsApp. The Anti-Ban feature ensures that users will never need to worry about getting banned from the App since it maintains their privacy.
  • You will love these features when you install or update this version. New features added in this update include video calling and hiding last seen, blue ticks and gray ticks, as well as hiding typed status in group chats. It’s an anti-ban version of the App that was previously banned by the authorities. A wide range of smartphones is compatible with the application, including Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Vivo, One Plus, Sony, etc. This App may interest you now.


Hide Blue Ticks:

The blue ticks feature was introduced by WhatsApp a long time ago and allowed the user to know when a message has been read. It seems good at first, but it ends up becoming annoying quite often, especially when we are not in a mood to reply back to that person. You can quickly hide the blue ticks with WhatsApp Plus, as the App allows you to do just that. These blue ticks can be hidden at any time and then enabled if needed.

Easy to Customize Themes:

Participation is possible through this application. Users have access to a customizable user interface. Colors and graphics can be specified. Modifications cannot be made to the original application. This App provides you with the flexibility to choose the appropriate visual appearance. You can choose from more than 700 available themes. The images are not separately downloaded. 

Hiding Options:

Hidden features are one of the best parts of WhatsApp Plus. By hiding your online status, blue ticks, and profile picture, for instance, you can prevent people from seeing your online status. You should be able to hide the writing ticks, the second ticks, and the last seen indicator for each contact. View status for contacts can also be hidden.


WhatsApp’s sharing capability is one of its drawbacks. The maximum size of your video and audio is only a few megabytes. WhatsApp Plus lets you send videos up to 7 minutes long but does not provide the original resolution when downloading images. Videos and audio recordings can be shared up to 50MB and 100MB, respectively, and images will maintain their original quality.

Infographic: Whatsapp Plus Apk

HD Calling:

Despite the fact that all WhatsApp versions offer video calling, the main issue is the quality of the video, which can at times be quite irritating. You can now chat with anyone, free of charge, on WhatsApp’s modified version. You can now have a more enjoyable video call experience.

More Security:

Can you imagine how much more privacy you could have if your WhatsApp was more secure? Unfortunately, there is no way to do this since WhatsApp lacks such a feature. This feature is available on WhatsApp Plus Apk. WhatsApp Plus requires a password before you can open the messaging app, so you don’t need a third-party app to access it.

Hide Last Seen:

It shows when the user was last active in WhatsApp’s Last Seen feature. It is also possible to hide others’ last scene on WhatsApp, in spite of the fact that one can hide their own. The last time someone logged in will not be visible. However, you’ll be able to see other people’s last seen even when your own is hidden when using WhatsApp Plus.

Writing Status:

The App displays multiple dots when you are writing a message. You will not feel embarrassed about your inexperience when you have this feature. There is no indication that your attempt to reply has been going on for an extended period of time if you type and erase as many replies as you like.

New Emojis:

While chatting with someone, emojis make it easier to express ourselves. Although WhatsApp offers a ton of awesome emojis already, it wouldn’t hurt to add one more. There will be more than 1000 new Emojis in this section. You’re going to have more fun, interaction, and expression in your chats with these emojis. I don’t think we can miss this opportunity.


You need to get rid of old chats and other unwanted files because a phone’s storage isn’t unlimited. The cleaner will remove the messages for you individually, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

History and Logs:

This App adds another great feature, recording, and logging for Whatsapp, which Whatsapp officially does not provide. The activity you perform on your account can be kept in this case. If you take advantage of this opportunity, you can benefit as well as others.

Anti Ban:

With Whatsapp+, you have the added security of an Anti-Ban feature. You must have heard about WhatsApp accounts getting banned if you have tried any WhatsApp mods. I cannot guarantee that the feature will work because I am not the developer of the App. You may instead allow an alternate phone number to be used. For this reason, I recommend you use the temp number.

Font and Styles:

There are a lot of fonts available for this Whatsapp mod, and they come in amazing shapes, sizes, and forms. I am sure you will enjoy trying them out. Is the white tab font in WhatsApp boring you? As for WhatsApp Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of fonts. Using Comic Sans is a good choice. Is it important to sound cute? It must be possible to find a cookie font. Fonts can be customized even further, allowing for more expression.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus Apk

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus Apk
  • The original App is still as popular as WhatsApp Plus. Mods offer more features than the original, so people use them more often. For this reason, the App has a few faults. It is only possible to get banned from WhatsApp, which is worrisome. All the modded versions are well known to the original version. You may be banned if you use the mod APK for a long time. Therefore, you will not be able to use your original WhatsApp number.
  • You cannot ban your number from the original App when using the anti-ban version of WhatsApp Plus that we shared here. Moreover, you can also try using the temp or secondary number to check whether it is banned or not. 
  • WhatsApp recently announced that all accounts would be temporarily banned. All third-party Whatsapp apps are affected. These include GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus. Third-party developers created these apps, so companies are not able to check the security of their users.


  • [Added] Download for viewing once images/videos
  • [Added] Click on a contact’s name to view all messages sent by them)
  • [Added] Changing the color of the online dots (Mods Settings > Home Screen > Rows)
  • [Fixed] Group tab does not display archive chats
  • [Fixed] Bug with RC-Telegram X recorder box
  • [Fixed] Archiving hidden chat causes a crash
  • [Fixed] Large emptiness in Hidden Chats and Archived Chats
  • [Fixed] In some entry styles, the Send Message box still appears in groups with “Admin Only”
  • [Fixed] Pattern and pin lock for WhatsApp not working
  • [Fixed] Crash when receiving random notifications
  • [Fixed] Hidden chat notifications not appearing
  • [Fixed] Crashes while using the Instagram Status Style
  • [Fixed] Conversation Action Bar’s Hide Call button did not work
  • [Fixed] Chats in groups tab no longer show the Mute icon
  • [Fixed] Multi-Chatter Option Not Working with Conversation Cards
  • (Fixed) Some phones do not open hidden chats when you click on “WhatsApp”
  • [Fixed] “Who Can Call Me” option not selecting contacts correctly
  • [Fixed] Android 5 won’t install the app
  • [Fixed] Random crashes after connecting some phones after registering their phone numbers
Bug Fixes
  • Not able to find backups fixed
  • It is now automatic to close the New menu
  • Message groups no longer crash randomly
  • Messages are sent slowly in groups when they are fixed
  • Several crashes were fixed in Blue Tick on Reply
  • Fixes a crash in Swipe Row
  • It is now possible to reset the default wallpaper when choosing Reset Preferences
  • Some phones (not all) no longer crash when using Status Splitter
  • Fixes and improvements across the board
  • Miscellaneous Have fun discovering by yourself!

Is WhatsApp plus APK legal?

This raises serious questions about legitimacy. It had previously been removed from the Play Store but now shows up and can be downloaded. The WhatsApp team did not respond well when asked for clarification by some sources. They termed the App as unsafe and illegal. However, officials have said nothing. Therefore, its legal status remains unclear. Greylist apps are neither legal nor illegal, so you can call them gray list apps.

WhatsApp Plus APK Developers

  • GBWhatsApp is the most popular modified version of WhatsApp after Rafalete developed WhatsApp Plus in 2012. In this article, I am going to explain how to download and install this mod version of Whatsapp on your phone. Click here to download the App.
  • The New version of Whatsapp Plus Apk was related to the developer other than Rafalete, which is known as HeyMods and AlexMods.The newest version is from HeyMods. The version created by Rafalete is very similar to this one. Both versions have the same capabilities. There is, however, an additional resource in the HeyMods version. After downloading the APK, you need to resort to this method in order to access it.
  • The Rafale version occupies more space. Rather than the HeyMods or AlexMods version, we recommend the Rafale version. APKs for AlexMods aren’t updated. Additionally, many Android devices do not work properly with the App. Updates have been released to fix the bugs, but the installation process is still delayed.

What’s New in WhatsApp plus v19.50

Here are a few reasons why you should download WhatsApp plus apk:

  • The scheduler option allows you to schedule messages.
  • Audio and video files can be uploaded in larger sizes.
  • Any video sent to you can be viewed in a preview.
  • There are more statistics for each group.
  • Names can be hidden.
  • By choosing the date and time for how your online status is displayed to others, you can hide your online status (if you are active).
  • The quality of images you share can be set.
  • This App allows you to download a variety of themes.
  • Material Design.

How to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp plus APK

There is no Google Play store for this App. That is why you need to download it from our website, which is completely free. To get the App, click on the link below. Follow the steps that follow. Follow these steps:

  • Backup Whatsapp: To back up the original App data, you’ll need to back it up. This requires other software. This is where Dr. Fone comes in. It must be downloaded and installed on your PC.
  • Connect the device with PC: A USB cable is then required for connecting your device to the PC. Open Dr.fone on your PC, choose the backup option, and then you are ready to go. Your data will be backed up. Once the Backup is completed, you will be notified.
  • Now View Backup on our PC: After the Backup is created, you must check it for confirmation.
  • Restore the Backup to Whatsapp Plus: If you want to import data into your new App, you will need to select the restore WhatsApp tab. After you do this, all your existing data will be restored. The new App allows you to view all your messages.

How to Install the Whatsapp Plus Apk on Android 2022?

The new version of WA Plus is now available for download, and you can download it immediately by clicking on the link below. There are plenty of high-tech features in this enormous App, including an interface that can be customized and such enormous themes.

Additionally, you can install this app on any Android device that runs the Android operating system. Here are the steps you need to follow if you have never downloaded such an unusual WhatsApp modification before.

  • Since WhatsApp Plus isn’t a Play Store app, you’ll need to enable your Android device’s third-party installation feature.
  • You can make the same changes by opening the Settings app and clicking on the security option. Go to the Security settings, and you’ll find the Unknown sources tab.
  • A pop-up will appear when you click on Unknown sources. Select the Enable or Allow option in the pop-up notification, which you get there.
  • You can download WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 from the above link once you have enabled third-party app installations.
  • You can then move the apk file into the Download folder or any other location you have specified after the download is completed.
  • A pop-up window will appear when you click on the APK file.
  • You will see a pop-up window for installation. To start the installation process, click the Install button. (In most highly configured smartphones, installation takes about 1-2 minutes.)
  • It has been installed! Go to the app menu and open the WhatsApp Plus App.
  • Allows WhatsApp to operate with all the necessary permissions, including Storage, Contacts, and Phone Gallery.

That’s all there is to it! Experience all the new WhatsApp Plus App features, download the new themes and customize the UI to make it more appealing. Complete control is now at your fingertips.

How to Install the Whatsapp Plus Apk on Android

Is Whatsapp Plus available for iOS Devices? 

  • Specifically made for Android devices, the WhatsApp Plus application has been recreated.
  • The Plus version of WA Plus is also unable to be discovered in Google Play Store due to WA Plus being the mod version. The mod version of any app is not available on the Google PlayStore.
  • WhatsApp Plus is unavailable for iOS users, regardless of whether they have an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iMac. It is unlikely that WhatsApp Plus will receive any iOS updates in the future.
  • If you’re using Windows, you’ll need an Android emulator like BlueStacks. If you don’t have BlueStacks, you can use this App on computers running this OS. To download it on an emulator, follow the steps above.


What is a WhatsApp plus App?

WhatsApp Plus: What Is It? This App adds more features to your existing WhatsApp app and basically works like a WhatsApp premium service. In general, it offers a wide range of customizable options, such as applying themes or adding new fonts.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe 2021 for us?

Our recommendation is to avoid downloading and using WhatsApp Plus in 2020. Third-party apps do not offer as much security as official apps, and using one may result in a lifetime ban from WhatsApp. It is an application that uses the code from the official application to develop a third-party app.

What is the difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

Two WhatsApp accounts can be used simultaneously with WhatsApp Plus if you use two mods. You cannot open two accounts by installing both the official App and WhatsApp Plus. You can open multiple accounts using GBWhatsApp. If you already have WhatsApp installed on your device, you can install it on the same device.

Who is the owner of WhatsApp Plus APk?

Rafale, a Spanish company, developed apps like this one back in 2012. Those who wish to download WhatsApp plus can do so for free. According to the developer, WhatsApp plus operates under a similar license. WhatsApp developer is Rafalense, as has been pointed out to us.

How to Unban your Number from Whatsapp Plus?

Download the latest version of Whatsapp Plus from our website. After that, make sure to take the Backup and uninstall the old version along with its data from your phone. Now again, install the App on your phone. It uses the same name as the original package, so disable the auto-update from the play store. Then install it and make sure to not just start using the hide status and online tick on and off feature. You can start using them after time. 

Final Verdict

For those looking for the latest in messaging innovation, WhatsApp Plus APK is a great messaging app. You do not need to create an account in order to use this service because it is the same WhatsApp running on the same servers. You can also install it without worrying about security on your android device because it’s a secure app. Download the App by clicking the link below and customize WhatsApp to your own tastes.

Moreover, if you get any issues downloading this App or want to ask something, you can leave a comment below. Our team is always there for you to help all the time. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Make sure to share this article with your friends who are looking for the best Whatsapp Mod for free. Thank You.